The Circular Design Cases are part of the CIRCO creating business through circular design program and is done in collaboration with the TU Delft (faculty of Industrial Design Engineering),  Reversed Concepts and CLICKNL | DESIGN.


CIRCO creating business through circular design

As a programme of CLICKNL | DESIGN, CIRCO accelerates the development towards a circular economy, taking design as a starting point. Companies and designers work together to develop new products, services and business models.

Within the programme of CIRCO, designers work together with companies and students on new products, services and business models. They share their knowledge and inspiration in events and publications. CIRCO creates a solid knowledge impulse on circular design, which is based on the principles of the TU Delft research project ‘Products That Last’.



TU Delft (faculty of Industrial Design Engineering)

Designing for our future. That is the core business of students and researchers at the faculty of IDE. They design  and improve products and services that deal with society’s major challenges. And they are the experts, as they have been doing it for more than 45 years. Over 5.000 Industrial Design Engineers have graduated from the faculty since it was founded in 1969. IDE is still among the largest university design programmes in the world.

Nowadays, the emphasis is on the design of durable products and services, taking into account the interests of users, industry, society and the environment. Perhaps design can even be used to stimulate users to change their behaviour, thus helping to solve (future) problems  ranging from obesity to material scarcity.



Reversed Concepts

Reversed Concepts is focused on the networked economy. It is also a small holding company with sustainable projects and a network of companies and individuals working together in varying combinations on new concepts. With a small team we are located in the New Energy Docks in Amsterdam Noord. From here we support our projects and we are working on new concepts.  We connect with as many parties operating from similar objectives and principles. We belief that new forms of organizations are essential to achieve a sustainable economy. Key concepts are; first think but more importantly do; free exchange of knowledge and ideas; multiply by dividing.




CLICKNL | DESIGN is the primary organisation for innovation in the Dutch Design sector and as such will stimulate the impact of design through:

  • creating knowledge and turning that knowledge into innovations
  • connecting industry and knowledge on a national level
  • building an open network for practitioners, industry and knowledge institutes.

The organisation has developed a concise research- and innovation agenda in consultation with practitioners and researchers, which will enable projects ranging from knowledge creation to implementation in market pilots.