G-shock dw5000

Casio G-shock

The Casio G-shock watch, first released in 1983 is one of the prime examples of how extremely durable design doesn’t equals a high price. The G stands for gravitational, which refers to the fact that the watch can withstand great pressure and to be dropped from high heights. The sturdy watch have had several fashion revivals since its first initial success and today the product line sees new extensions every year.


Circular Design Strategies

Design for durability: The original watch was engineered to be able to survive extreme situations that few people would encounter. It was designed around a triplle 10 principle that meant that it should be able to withstand a 10 meter fall on a hard surface, have 10 years of battery lifetime and function under 10 bar pressure (200m). The durability is achieved through 10 layers in total between the quartz core and the outer world. More than 200 prototypes was tested before arriving at the final design, that have been further improved since.


Business Model Archetype

Classic Long Life model: The g-shock is sold online and via retailers. The early models has a high price on the second hand market.


Product life Cycle Stage

Declining: Today a normal smartphone has all the functionality that once made the G-shock inevitable for its active users. The advent of more inteligene t connected smartwatches is also a threat to a full feature digital watches.

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