Relight 2

Reelight induction bicycle light

Reelight produces bicycle lights that function with induction. Furthermore the lights are attached to the bike which means that they don’t get stolen or forgotten and thereby the product has a much longer life time than other bike lights.

Circular Design Strategies:
– Product durability
– Standardization & Compatiblility
– Dis- & Reassembly

Business Model Archetypes:
– Classic long life model



The Copenhagen Wheel transforms your bicycle into a smart electric hybrid, quickly and easily. The Wheel contains a motor, batteries, multiple sensors, wireless connectivity, and an embedded control system.

Circular Design Strategies:
– Standardization & Compatibility
– Ease of maintenance and Repair

Business Model Archetypes:
– Upgradability & Adaptability


Zeiss: self-tinting glasses

The self-tinting glasses are extremely convenient for people who are dependent on their glasses and constantly going indoors and outdoors.

Circular Design Strategies:
– Standardization and compatibility

Business Model Archetypes:
– Classic long life model



Lego has created a tool for kids (and adults) to be creative and have the possibility to explore freedom in form over and over again because of its ease to dis- and reassemble. Lego’s group motto is “only the best is the best”, to encourage the employees to always value quality above everything else, this can be seen in the product itself; long lasting because of its high quality.

Circular Design Strategies:
– Standardization and compatibility
– Dis- and reassembly

Business Model Archetypes:
– Classic long life mode

Project Ara

Imagine source: This modular mobile phone enables the user to put together their own custom made phone with the specifications their desire. The user can set different parameters for different components and creates its own phone. If a component breaks down, it is easy to re-order and replace. Circular Design Strategies Design for attachment and trust: the user puts together their own phone, while doing this they will create more attachment to this. Design for durability: The phone enables the user to re-order parts and repair something if it is not working. Because of this easy repair, the life […]

Gazelle bicycles

A very common image in the dutch landscape: Gazelle bicycles. Gazelle bicycles often have multiple owners in their very long life span – reusing the product. A survey conducted by Readers Digest in 2010 found that Gazelle is the most trusted bicycle brand in the Netherlands. The first owner probably paid big money for a bicycle that stands for quality. After multiple years, when the bicycle gets older and neglected, this will switch from one owner to another. This makes service providence hard for Gazelle, eventually they do not have contact with the user anymore. Only first or second user […]

Rolls Royce Airplane Engines

Image source:,_inlet_and_compressors_of_sectioned_Rolls-Royce_Dart_turboprop_01.jpg Rolls Royce does not only provide their customers (commercial airlines) airplane engines, they only charge their customers for the actual flown hours. It is the responsibility and the risk of the company that the engines are running according to plan. Within this business model, the company needs to design a really high quality product because they do not generate profit when the product is not operating – the ultimate access model. Circular Design Strategies Firstly, it is important and the cheapest for the company to design a durable product. When they do not have to repair anything […]


The Sandwichbike gets its name from the fact that its frame is made from two weather-coated layered plywood plates, that most of the custom-made components are sandwiched between. A series of aluminum “smart cylinders” connect the two plates to one another, while also serving as mounting points for things like the seat tube, headset and bottom bracket. Buyers will receive everything (including the necessary assembly tools) by mail in a flat cardboard box, and put it all together themselves – there are less than 50 parts in the entire kit. The designers inform us that in the final production version, a complete […]