Caterpillar Bulldozers


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Caterpillar is a leader in remanufacturing technologies and processes. When a product returns to the remanufacturing facility, they disassemble it to the smallest part. After a thorough cleanse the facility will recondition the part to a same-as-new condition. This helps reducing costs for the customer since they return to product or part at the same quality as a new one for a fraction of the price of a new one. The same quality garantee can be given to these same-as-new bulldozer.

Circular Design Strategies

Design for durability: Caterpillar offers great post purchase service to their customers with their reman facility.

Design for dis- and reassembly & Design for ease of maintenance and repair: To enable quick remanufacturing the products needs to be built for quick and easy disassembling. During the disassembly process it is important that no parts get damaged.

Business Model Archetype

The Classic Long Life Model –  but on a part level. They do not give access over ownership to the company that buys it, but they do claim a very large deposit. This deposit can be retrieved again when the company decides to give the product back again when they encounter the EOL of the product. When the product has reached the EOL, this does not count for every part. At Caterpillar all the different parts are taken apart and used within a same-as-new product. They generate profit because of the long lifespan of the different parts.

Product Life Cycle Stage


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