Circular Design Strategies

Clustering the result of existing research done at Delft University of Techonoloy has led to the identification of six design strategies for circular product design. Click on the strategies to see the examples.

1. Design for Product Attachment and Trust
Creating products that will be loved, liked or trusted longer

2. Design for Product Durability
Developing products that can take wear and tear without breaking down

3. Design for Standardization & Compatibility
Creating products with parts or interfaces that fit other products as well

4. Design for Ease of maintenance and Repair
Enabling products to be maintained in tip-top condition

5. Design for Upgradability & Adaptability
Allowing for future expansion and modification

6. Design for Dis- and Reassembly
Ensuring products and parts can be separated and reassembled easily


source: www.productsthatlast.nlĀ