De Kledingfabriek

de kledingfabriek

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The kleding bibliotheek offer access to clothes at different price categories. With a subscribtion you can rent clothes several times. Their goals is to be more efficient and eco-friendly by sharing clothes instead of buying something and using it only a few times. The clothes itself get a longer life, while the user does not need to use the clothes for a very long time.

Circular Design Strategies

Design for adaptability and upgradability: Even though they do not design the product themselves, they offer the customer to easily adapt their wardrobe to the newest trends. Since they do not own the clothes anymore, they can switch from one item to the other every single week or month. Because the clothes are being shared, this will not decrease the life span.

Business Model Archetype

Access Model & the Gap-Exploiter

In this model the user is not owner of the clothes so there is access involved over ownership. But they also act like a Gap-Exploiter because the see that the EOL of the clothes for the user does not mean the EOL of the item itself. They regain its value by offering it in a different way.

Product Life Cycle Stage

Introductory, since this concept of sharing clothes is still very small and new.

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