Droog Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers is conceptual design made by the dutch design collective Droog back in 1991. It can be seen as criticism on consumerism. The designer Tejo Remy collected old drawers, gave them new enclosures and loosely bundled them into a chest.

Circular Design Strategies 


  • Attachment and Trust: the design has a high emotional appeal and tell a story which create attachment. And if the emotional appeal is not enough to create attachment the pricetag of €20.000  probably will.
  • Upgradability and adaptability: if the piece is not considered an untouchable piece of art the basic concept would enable upgrades and changes.

 Business Model Archetypes

  • Classic long life model: Because of the high price and limited production the design is more of an art piece than actual mass produced functional object and the very high price tag reflects this.

Product Life Cycle stage

  • Difficult to say as it depends whether the object is regarded as a furniture or an art installation.

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