Freitag products are made from original recycled materials (used truck tarps, used car seat belts, used air bags and used bicycle inner tubes). Because the materials are tough, the products are too. And because their are made from an original piece of tarp, every single Freitag product has its own, individual design. Freitag has come out with over 40 models of products using 200 tons of truck tarpaulins, 75,000 bicycle inner tubes, and 25,000 car seat belts. This amounts to over 120,000 products per year and saving a vast amount of environmental destruction through the reuse of disposable petroleum-based materials.

Circular Design Strategies 

  • Design for attachment and trust: Using different tarps as raw materials each product has a different aesthetic appearance, this enables the build of an emotional connection with the “personalised” product.
  • Design for durability: With the reusing of materials that are meant to be resistant and long lasting as truck tarps and car seat belts, Freitag aims to design durable and valuable products.

Business Model Archetypes


  • The gap-exploiter model: Freitag uses resistant and reused materials that are waterproof and difficult to tear and assures the materials a long lifespan.

Product Life Cycle stage

  • Maturity: Backpacks, messenger bags, shoppers are not new on the market but still largely requested so they fit on the maturity stage on the product lifecycle curve.


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