Gaggia Classic- espresso machine

The Gaggia Classic is an espresso machine for home use with professional quality. The design didn’t change since the 70’s. Because coffee enthusiast love the machine there are plenty of online guides to maintain, repair or upgrade these machines.

‘We’ve had our Classic for over 6 years now and it’s still going strong. It takes plenty of abuse, and makes at least two coffees every day. You do the maths, that’s about 4000 coffees. Occasional service and descale every now and then, can’t complain!!

It’s a perfect, good quality starters machine. The group handle is heavy and brass and solid. And it has a nice simple interface.

The upgrade bug has been nibbling away at me, but this machine still makes good coffee, so we stick with it. ’ –

Circular Design Strategies 

  • Attachment & Trust: Making coffee with this machine takes some effort, to make a nice espresso you need to be skilled. When mastered this created a bond with the user.
    The online community could give a feeling of belonging.
  • Ease of maintenance & repair: The product didn’t change since the 70’s so it’s easy to find a repair guide online. The product is easy to disassemble because of the straight forward set up.


Business Model Archetypes

  • Classic long life: The 15bar version is sold at for €369,95

Product Life Cycle stage

  • Maturity

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