Gazelle bicycles


A very common image in the dutch landscape: Gazelle bicycles. Gazelle bicycles often have multiple owners in their very long life span – reusing the product. A survey conducted by Readers Digest in 2010 found that Gazelle is the most trusted bicycle brand in the Netherlands. The first owner probably paid big money for a bicycle that stands for quality. After multiple years, when the bicycle gets older and neglected, this will switch from one owner to another. This makes service providence hard for Gazelle, eventually they do not have contact with the user anymore. Only first or second user come in for a Gazelle service when the product is still relatively new.

Circular Design Strategies

Durability: All the parts are designed for a long product lifespan

Ease of Maintenance and Repair: The product needs to be easy maintainable for the user, that is why the design is kept very simple and modular. Parts can be easily replaced since retrailers often have stock of the different standardized parts they use.

They also offer a post-purchase services professionalized: There is a service but this is mostly used by first or second owners.

Business Model Archetype

Classic Long Life model

Product Life Cycle Stage


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