Unlike most single-use diapers, including “bio” diapers, diapers with compostable parts or diapers that are dyed brown, gDiapers contain no polypropylene or polyethylene. Home composting disposable inserts (wet ones only) create a usable humus. There is no other disposable diaper, on the market that can make all of these claims. Further, gDiapers offers a cloth insert which, with a gPant, offers a fully reusable system. Gdiapers is an affordable, accessible diaper that is gentle and breathable for their babies and a diaper whose production and disposal regenerates the environment rather than depletes it. GDiapers disposable inserts are more than 75% cellulosebased.

Circular Design Strategies 

  • Attachment and Trust: Gdiapers plays with the materials’ composition, letting the consumer be aware of the positive aspects of these breathable and not harmfull diapers, compared to the sintetic ones we can find at the malls. It creates a sense of trust towards the diaper, which is going to be worn by the most precious values, your children.

Business Model Archetypes


  • The Hybrid model: Gdiaper makes his strong point allowing the consumer to replace the inner part of the diaper (disposable inserts). So the gPant is dependent upon a replaceable part with a limited functional lifespan.

Product Life Cycle stage

  • Introduction: Disposable diapers are new on the market so their position on the product lifecycle curve is on the introduction stage.

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