Join the Pipe water bottle

Join the Pipe creates water bottles that can be refilled from the tap. With every bottle they sell in the Western world they give one to a child in Africa. By creating water points in both Europe and Africa they make people aware of clean drinking water. They want people from all over the world to share their dream of redistributing drinking water in a fairer way. The water bottles are made from PP and BPA free. They designed several bottles so everybody can buy one he or she likes. Source:

Circular Design Strategies

  • Design for durability: This water bottle is one that can be reduced and put in a dishwasher. Consumers will not buy disposable bottles anymore.
  • Design for attachment and trust: because the business model is based on ‘one-for-one’ the consumer gets attached to the product: he did something good. By buying a Join-the-pipe he helps a child in need and shows that he is conscious consumer.

Business Model Archetype

  • The classic long life model: make people reuse water bottles

Product Life Cycle stage

  • Growth: there are more companies in the business of creating water bottles to support clean water projects and sustainability (Dopper etc), but the market has not yet saturated, people are willing to spend money on conscious consuming.

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