Montana shelving system

Montana is a flexible shelving system of high quality. Montana modules in different sizes and colours, enables the user to build their own furniture solution and create and build up in height and width, make it free-standing, up against a wall or all of it at once.


Circular Design Strategies 

  • Durability: the units are designed to last
  • Standardization and Compatibility: The different modules can be combined in thousands of different ways that allow the user to create their own furniture.
  • Upgradability and adaptability: The modules still have the same measurements and interfaces as the first unit that was created back in 1982. Recently Montana started selling speakers that fit into the standard modules.

Business Model Archetypes

  • Classic long life model: the modules are sold in design shops, but there are also a large market for second hand sales of the unit and used units are still sold for a high price.

Product Life Cycle stage

  • Mature stage

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