Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 is a classic and with 126 million sold phones since it was released in 2000, it is one of the most popular mobile phones of all time. The 3310 became an instant classic due to the friendly design, the intuitive user-interface and a reputation for extreme durability. You can easily drop the phone on the floor and if it get a scratch on the outside the cover is cheap and easy to replace. The phone is much more energy efficient than modern smartphones and the battery can last for a week.

Circular Design Strategies 

Nokia 3310

  • Durability: the phone was very durable. It even got the nickname “The indestructible” and memes have been created about the phone. Thickness and technical specifications was not the main selling points, as it is often today. This allowed for a an electronic board that used very established (read: old) and common components and two layers of solid plastic (inner and outer casing).
  • Upgradability and adaptability: A wide range of covers allowed the users to create their own personal expression. The battery was easy to change.


Business Model Archetypes

  • Classic long life model


Product Life Cycle Stage

  • Declining stage. Feature phones are now in a product stage of decline, due to the success of smartphones. They are now mostly sold in low-income countries. Interestingly enough there is a small market for second hand “dumb phones” among young people as a response to the demands of always being online that comes with the smartphone. In 2013 the global sales of smartphones surpassed 50% and according to Business Insider (2014) featurephones now only have a 25% market share. Blinded by the the success of Nokia 3310 and its successors Nokia was slow to accept the smart phone threat. In 2014 the companys phone division was sold to Microsoft.

smartphones versus featurephones



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