Opinel pocket knife

The Opinel pocket knife is a foldable knife made of carbon or stainless steel and a Beech wooden handle. The original Opinel knives are made of carbon steel, famous for their high quality cutting edge. The knife is easy to sharpen but requires carefully maintenance due to its sensitivity to rust. Opinel has therefore introduced the newer stainless steel serie, which requires no special maintenance. Due to its durability and multifunctionality, the Opinel knives are a must have for everyone.

Circulair design strategy

  • Design for product durability: enhanced product durability
  • Design for product attachment and trust: The Opinel pocket knife is trustable in quality and stimulates emotional product value since the user will use his/her Opinel when he or she goes out on ‘adventure’.

Business model archetype

  • The classic long life model: Opinel knives are long lasting.

Product Life Cycle Stage

The Opinel pocket knife is in the maturity stage.



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