Public transport bicycle

The public transport bicycle (OV-fiets) is a bicycle made for renting services. The bicycle is designed for durability and ease to adjust. The bicycle has special tires that are not easily become flat. Every user is able to adjust the bicycle to his prefered height. When parts are broken, the bicycle will be fixed for free in specific bicycle shops. The bicycle can be rented at every train station and other public transport stops.  An abonnement is required to rent the bicycles and make use of its services.

Circulair design strategy

  • Design for product durability: The public transport bicycle enhanced product durability and maintenance services.
  • Design for ease of maintenance and repair: The services around the public transport bicycle ensures the user a certain quality and safety.  

Business model archetype

  • The access model: the user needs to pay when he or she is using the bicycle.

Product Life Cycle Stage

The bicycle is in the maturity stage however, the product sharing services market is still growing.


source: http://www.bikes2go.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/ovfiets.jpg

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