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Reelight induction bicycle light

Reelight produces bicycle lights that function with induction. As the energy is generated by the cyclist, no batteries are needed. An induction light gives a better experience than old dynamos at there is no friction. Furthermore the lights are attached to the bike which means that they don’t get stolen or forgotten and thereby the product has a much longer life time than other bike lights.


Circular Design Strategies 

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  • Product Durability: The lights last many years without the users interference. The lights are designed to be waterproof.
  • Product Standardization & Compatibility: the lights can be mounted on all kinds of bikes.
  • Product Dis- & Reassembly: The bike lights can be installed by a normal person with standard tools and if the lights outlast the lifespan of the bike, they can be reused on a new bike.


Business Model Archetypes

  • Classic long life model: the induction lights can be bought online or in bicycle shops.


Product Life Cycle stage

  • Introduction/mature: induction bike lights are still a relatively new type of product. The first version of the Reelight bike light was launched in 2005.


Relight official page

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