Rolls Royce Airplane Engines

Rolls Royce

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Rolls Royce does not only provide their customers (commercial airlines) airplane engines, they only charge their customers for the actual flown hours. It is the responsibility and the risk of the company that the engines are running according to plan. Within this business model, the company needs to design a really high quality product because they do not generate profit when the product is not operating – the ultimate access model.

Circular Design Strategies

Firstly, it is important and the cheapest for the company to design a durable product. When they do not have to repair anything they do not have repair costs and the product can stay operating – so they will generate profit. When the product breaks down anyway, design for ease of maintenance and repair is key in this case. It is very expensive for Rolls Royce it an engine breaks down and the aircraft is not able to fly. Ease of maintenance and repair makes sure that parts breaking down will not influence the amount of flown hours. To enable this dis and reassembly is crucial together with modular designed parts (to always have enough stock to be able to repair).

Business Model Archetypes

The Performance Model

Product Life Cycle Stage


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