A set of pots and objects that can be piled together on the same fire for cooking or warming up the stones. The material used is called ‘pietra ollare’, which is specific soapstone from valtellina, Italy where each piece is handmade according to an old craft. Thus, the components are naturally lubricated by talc. In addition, the properties of rock allow the designer to use the sand left over by the lathe for other kinds of stoneware and glaze. Therefore, nothing is wasted and plates, cups and teapot become part of the collection.


Circular Design Strategies 

  • Design for durability: local high quality raw materials form Italy and local manufacturing are characteristics of reliable quality products and durability
  • Upgradability and adaptability: The pots can be used individually or they can be can be stack and create a multifunctional object with different cooking characteristic.

Business Model Archetypes

  • The classic long life model: This set of pots made by stone are designed to be long lasting. Also the designer tried to recreate a connection with the past, aiming to not let the sense of belonging towards this product decrease over time.

Product Life Cycle stage

  • Mature stage:

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