Safety razor

Safety Razor

The German equipment is well known for its high level of quality and its durability, here the same apply to this fine product. You can easily re-assemble the product to insert new razor blades. This combination of a durable product and short-lived consumables is supporting the lifetime extension of the product.

Circular Design Strategies 


  • Product Attachment and Trust: the Razor can be used a lifetime, which enables the build-up of an emotional bond with the product.
  • Product Standardisation & Compatibility: the Razor blades can be interchanged across different models.
  • Product Dis- & Reassembly: all the parts can be separated and reassembled easily

Business Model Archetypes


  • The Hybrid model: a durable product (Grip & holder) together with the short-lived consumable (Razor blades)

Product Life Cycle stage

  • Mature stage

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