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Steelcase Think Chair

Think is a modern office chair that emphasizes good ergonomics and minimal environmental impact. It is a flexible and intelligent chair for the mobile worker, meaning that the chair adjust itself automatically to the person using it. Environmental concerns played a key role in the design and the chair is designed for disassembly and is cradle-2-cradle certified.

Circular Design Strategies 

  • Dis- and reassembly: The chair is designed so it is easy to take apart and 95% procent of the parts can be reused.
  • Product Durability: The self adjusting structure gives a simple design with adjustment levers that can break.

Business Model Archetypes

  • Classic long life model: The chairs are sold directly from Steelcase and through retailers.
  • Access model: Companies can lease furniture from Steelcase. They also have a takeback programme.
  • Performance model: Steelcase use the performance thinking in their marketing. They state that they sell increased productivity.

Product Life Cycle stage

  • Mature stage: Office furniture in general is a stable product category. The graph below shows that there was a slight increase in the sales of office chairs in the US between furniture



Steelcase site with product information

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