Stokke Chair

stokke chair

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This chair can adjust and grow with the user. Depending on the age and size of the user, the configuration of the chair can be changed. The timeless and neutral design enables the long life of this product.

Circular Design Strategies

Design for attachment and trust: If this product is something you already own since you are 6 months old, it will become something that you feel attached to. The different positions in which the seating can be put in, depend on your stage in life and can be seen as a milestone.

Design for durability: The product can grow together with the user enabling a very long lifetime.

Design for adaptability and upgradability: The product can be upgraded to the next configuration with the already existing parts. It is not necessary for the user to buy an extra part when he or she is grown to the next stage of use.

Design for dis- and reassembly: The user can take the product apart to put it back into the next configuration.

Business Model Archetype

The Classic Long Life Model

stokke 2

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The Life Cycle Stage


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