Flint and Tinder 1

The 10 year hoodie

The american company Flint & Tinder manufacture hoodies that last for a very long time. Through the use of quality materials, double threading, a durable fit  and a classic design that is made to outwear the fast fads of fashion they have created something that can last at least a decade. They give a 10-year guarantee, where they repair worn hoodies free of charge in 10 years.


Circular Design Strategies

  • Product Durability: The hoodie is made of a very tight 18 oz. all-weather knit and the inner fleece is made of 3 separate yarns that a spun together to create a stronger quality. All threads a double threaded.
  • Ease of Maintenance and repair: The hoodies are designed to be easily repaired in several ways. The zipper is locked with twill tape in a way that, should the need arise, they can get out and be replaced easily.
  • Product attachment and trust: Should there be a need for repair after heavy use the user can choose between a inconspicious or a more conspicious look where repairs are made with high contrast thread. Around half prefer the last option as it make their hoodie personal and celebrate the long relationship between user and product.

Hoodie with stings


Business Model Archetypes

  • Classic longlife model: The hoodie is sold online and through retailers.


Product Life Cycle Stage

  • Mature stage

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