The cast iron pan by le Creuset

Le Creuset has been producing cast iron pans since 1925. These pans have been casted in sand ever since. The prices are high because of the production method. People trust this brand for its quality that is why these pans are passed on from generation to generation and extremely long lasting. The most famous Creuset is the ‘Flame’ named after its original color. The main dish prepared in these pans is stew and other recipes where either meat or vegetables need to cook for a very long time. Source: www.

Circular Design Strategies

  • Design for attachment and trust: since this brand has not changed since they designed their first pans
  • Design for durability: these pans are very long lasting products

Business Model Archetype

  • The classic long life model: due to its timeless models and well known quality people hold on to this brand for cooking gear. Even with new cooking technologies Le Creuset seems to be something a hobby chef cannot miss in his kitchen

Product Life Cycle stage
Mature: even though pans within the kitchen appliances are in a very mature market, le Creuset is a very well established brand

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