The original yellow boot by Timberland

Timberlands yellow boots are like Levi’s 505 jeans. Thick leather and timeless design make the model of the shoes durable and long lasting. Two types of consumers buy these shoes, they are either unfashionable people who buy them because of their high quality or they are bought as a fashion statement. The model keeps coming back in trends. Timberland also sells other shoes and clothing. This model is the only thing that has not changed in design since the first design was made in 1973.
Timberland just launched (April 2015) its new ‘Timberland Tires’, a partnership with Omni United to create footwear that is made of recycled tire at the end of their road life. This partnership has arisen due to the fact that both the tire and footwear industry are the two largest users of virgin rubber. Source:

Circular Design Strategies

  • Design for durability: the high quality leather and soles make these boots very long lasting

Business Model Archetype

  • The classic long life model: quality gives the boots a long life

Product Life Cycle stage

Mature: these boots have a way longer lifespan than average.

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