The Rainforest Connection

Rainforest connection

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The rainforest connection collects old phones that reached the end of life. They extend the life span of these phone by using them for another purpose: they connect them with a solar panel and attach this unit to a tree in a rainforest. Whenever the phone receives the sound of chainsaw, it sends a message with a location. This way the illegal lumbers are located and an agent can be send.

Circular Design Strategy

Design for adaptability and upgradability: without the smartphone producers even knew it, they created something that could also have another purpose. After the lifetime of this product, some value can be recovered by using it in the rainforest connection. We cannot say that they designed it for adaptability and upgradability, but they do adapt and in some way upgrade the product.

Rainforest connection 2

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Busines Model Archetype

They operate in a Gap-Exploiter model. Since there is not a well designed EOL for smartphones and there is a need for electronics with GPS, a cellphone connected and a battery – they can generate profit by linking those two together. Their product is the system they designed with some minor changes to the smartphones.

Product Life Cycle

The Smartphone is mature

The system of the rainforest connection is still in its introductory phase.

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