the Ultimaker

Ultimaker is a Dutch brand selling 3D printers. Ultimaker is an open source company hosting an open source community where people can share their creativity and help eachother out. Ultimaker believes in innovation throughout sharing and creating. The Ultimaker is designed in such a way that every user can use the 3D printer right away. With the Ultimaker every user can create and print his own creations.

Circulair design strategy

  • Design for product attachment and trust: The Ultimaker enables the user to make his own products and triggers curiosity to create more things.
  • Design for product durability: The product has replacement potential and Ultimaker provides in an open source community where users can share and answer each others questions.
  • Design for the ease of product maintenance and repair: The Ultimaker enables users to order spare parts when one is missing or is broken.

Business model archetype

  • The classic long life model: the Ultimaker is durable.

Product Life Cycle Stage

The Ultimaker is in its growth stage.


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