Swiss_Army_Knive_1961 Model

Swiss Army Knife

The original Swiss army knife from Victorinox is a true classic and have been known for its quality and long lasting qualities since the first knife was produced for the Swiss army back in 1890. Today the versatile knives exist in many variations, but one of the most popular and long lasting ones are the 1961 Model seen above that was used from 1961 to 2008.

Circular Design Strategies

Product Durability: For any army equipment reliability and durability is very important. The stainless steel alloy used for the cutting blades is optimized for high toughness and corrosion resistance. The fastening technique with brass flanged bushings make sure that once a knife is assembled it is almost impossible to get apart again.

Attachment and trust: In the last year many special edition knives has been produced with special graphics and materials.


Business Model Archetype

Classic Long Life: The army knives is a classic long lasting product sold through retailers.



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