Zippo is one of the most famous lighters in the world. Zippo is more expansive than other lighters, bute they are high in quality and durability. The lighter works on gasoline and can be refilled by the user himself. Today, though most products are simply disposable or available with limited warranties, the Zippo lighter is still backed by its famous lifetime guarantee, “It works or we fix it free.™” In more than 80 years, no one has ever spent a cent on the mechanical repair of a Zippo lighter regardless of the lighter’s age or condition. (

Circular Design Strategies 

  • Product Attachment and Trust:  the product can be used everyday, (as a smoker for example) this enables the build-up of an emotional bond and narrative with the product.
  • Product Durability: they give a very extensive warranty and provide services to meet the long life expectations. 
  • Product Ease of Maintenance and Repair: all the product parts can be separated and reassembled easily.

Business Model Archetypes

  • Classic long life model

Product Life Cycle stage

  • Mature stage

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