New design challenge

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After having worked with the design strategies and business models several ideasĀ popped up. With these ideas also came a clearer goal. Primarily my design challenge was: ‘How can the differences of usage life and technical life of hockey sticks be brought closer towards each other?’.
This challenge aimed at all the people who use a hockey stick. A clear difference was already found in the beginning in this target group; the juniors and the seniors. With almost 250.000 players in the Netherlands in total are the juniors the bigger group with 165.000 players. 85.000 players represent the seniors group.

For the circular design challenge is decided to focus on juniors. This group is bigger, and has big opportunity, as kids often need a new stick because they overgrew their old one. With this new decision added will the design challenge change in :’How can the differences of usage life andĀ technical life of hockey sticks for juniors be brought closer towards each other?’


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