1st session

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Together with designers sessions will be held to discuss the circular design strategies and business models with regards to my subject, the field hockey stick. The first session is held at the seventh of May, at discusses the circular design strategies.

New ideas have been produced considering the strategies. For attachment & trust this were ideas like sensoring in the stick, an app that tracks information and give tips, changing colour with wearage and the grip could be made out of a material that remembers hand positioning.Durability focussed more on optimal stick properties for a longer life. For example extra material could be added around the hook, the part were the sticks wears the most. Standardisation & compatibility was a difficult subject as the hockey stick has many rules. Interchangeable parts could be made, but due to the rules this has to be internal.

Next strategy is maintenance & repair. Hockey sticks can be repaired with an additional glue layer when the are damaged. This is an already existing solution but not done often. Also other production methods like 3D weaving. Last strategy that is disgusted is upgradability and adaptability. Functional upgrading and the usage of other materials like flax are considered.

Some overall thoughts were about the question if the material combination epoxy/carbon be reused, how hockey sticks could be returned to the store, as they now all end up at people’s home and

Brainstorm papers during the session

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