3rd session

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Posting had a small break, but new posts are coming! What did I do the last weeks?

After the third session had been held discussing the circular design strategies and chronologically the circular business models; a few concepts have been discussed. This were three concepts; extend, skin and leasing. These concepts are based on the research question; ‘How can the differences of usage life and technical life of hockey sticks be brought closer towards each other?’. The focus is still on junior hockey players, these juniors represent two third of all the field hockey players in The Netherlands. The conclusion after the session was to continue with Skin (now called Sleeve) and Leasing. Extend still exists, but doesn’t get the focus for now.

One week left, and further detailing of the concepts needs to be done. Thursday second of July will be the last session where end results will be shared. I am curious how everything will be by then!

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