Combining the concepts

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I approached the two concepts separated from each other. They could also together be one concept. The sleeve can be used within the leasing model. Sticks will have a longer technical life, which is a benefit for the leasing club, as they can sell their sticks more often. Sleeves will be a product used by the leasing clubs. When looking at the price estimation this will mean per use of a stick a maximum of €4,- is added to the cost price, this taken with the assumption that one sleeve will last one season. When someone leases a hockey stick this will mean that the person gets the hockey stick with a new sleeve every season.

A financial model has been made for the leasing model. Next to the depreciation of the stick each season, costs need to be added for every new use of a sleeve. Sticks can be used for a longer period so the depreciation costs will be lower. Gradation system is deleted, as all the sticks look if they are in the same state. One loop is made as can be seen in the figure beneath. The price of leasing a stick with sleeve will be €11,95 per season.

Leasing system with sleeve

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