How will the sleeve get sold?

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The sleeve is a fast-cycling consumer good. This means the sleeve will last less longer than the hockey stick, and will be sold more often. To get a sleeve, first a hockey stick is needed. An online configurator will give the opportunity to customise your own design. This could be a name on the stick, of favourite colours. Also some standard models are available at the store.

The store will be a central point in this model. When someone has ordered the sleeve online, it can be retrieved in the store. The store worker will be able to attach the sleeve to the stick, this can also be done by the people themselves, but needs some concentration. After the sleeve is attached it can be used, this will be until the sleeve is damaged of wearage too much. Once a new sleeve is wanted, it can be again ordered online via the configurator or a standard model can be bought in the store. This loop can be continued every time a new sleeve is wanted.

The product will be introduced to junior hockey players on big yearly activities. This will for example be the first match of the season, or on the end of the season on tournaments. On these activities sleeves can be sold, and also attached, but also advertisement will be done for later purchase.


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