Hybrid model

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As stated in The Guardian [1] is the hybrid model a combination of a durable product and short-lived consumables. Other products with a hybrid model are for example Nespresso and its coffee cups. The coffee cups are the main revenue stream from repetitive sales and are fast-cycling consumables.

Nepresso machine with disposable cups


To incorporate this model with the hockey stick a new concept has been developed. The hockey stick stays the same, and will be the durable product. New fast-cycling consumables are made for the lower part of the hockey stick, the part beneath the grip were ball contact will be.

These consumables will be called sleeves. As is shown in the image beneath,

Hockey sleeves

The wraps could be made of a material that is similar to Krimpkous. Krimpkous is a material made from PVC with a mixture of polyesters that will shrink if you heat it. When reheated PVC is not the best material to use, therefore for this product will be looked at a material that has the same characteristics as krimpkous but is better for the environment.


[1] http://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/six-design-strategies-longer-lasting-products