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Hello, my name is Brigitte. In this blog I will keep track of my process designing a circular kite board. In this process the principals of different circular design strategies and business models according to the book Products that Last will be implemented.

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Why a kiteboard?

I am a fanatic kitesurfer, I love to be on the water and I see the ocean as my second home. While practising my favourite sport I see my second home becomes more and more polluted. In my believe this is caused by the existing consumption society. I am not the only who one sees this happening. Asking around in the kiteworld I found, that even though we are all in love with the ocean, a “sustainable movement” in equipment of kitesurfing is missing. So while we are very aware of the debris what ends up in the ocean, we are not aware that the products that we use ourselves can also harm our playground. Many of the current users are involved in beach clean ups and recycling of those materials, but they are not aware of the end of life of their own product.

By designing a kiteboard with an extended life I’ll give the kiteboarders the opportunity to actively participate in a circular economy and contribute to a decreased amount of waste in the future.

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