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To design a longer laster product it is important that in the end everybody benefits.

benefits-01  – User can ride any board he wants

– User gets help to progress

– User learns about equipment

– User can trust his material

– Stands for a better world






–  Business makes profit

–  Business create better bond with clients

–  Stimulates a better world






benefits-02 – No kiteboards become obsolete/trash

– Material can be maintained and repared







The Acces model is chosen and therefore the challenge became to design an optimal service to prevent obsolete kiteboards. In this project there was no time to further work out the design on a product level. This doesn’t mean no more circular optimalisation can be done at product level.

Therefore I recommend some further research concerning the materials of the product. As earlier stated in the design strategies some improvements can be made to make it more circular.

  • Better research in recyclable materials for both board and pads. (End of life)
  • Design custom fit footpads, for a higher trust and attachment in the material.
  • Better connection between the pads and straps to make it technical better reliable.

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