#1 Classic long life

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The Classic long life model provides a primary revenue stream from sales of high products with a long useful life. Since kiteboards are made for optimal performance in heavy weather circumstances it is already a classic long life product. If it wasn’t for upgrade in performance the materials are very durable and can be kept a ‘lifetime’. The problem lies in the way that the board cannot transform into a new shape. A future challenge could be that the board grows with the user. In these days the board is made of epoxy and glass fiber; this material cannot be heated and deformed into a new shape. Research in materials should be done to be able to offer this kind of service for the user.

If we look at the footstraps, some room for improvement in the materials of the pads and straps can be found to make them qualitatively more durable. The connection of the foot straps didn’t change in about 10 years. The kiteboard shaper told me why: The user isn’t prepared to pay a higher amount of money for the pads. nowadays the person only thinks the board itself influences his performance. In this model the user should be convinced why he would pay a higher amount of money for the pads and footstraps and that he in return gets a longer lifetime of the product.

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