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To get a better understanding of the purchasing and disposal behaviour of the kitebaorders a questionnaire has been conducted. This questionnaire was posted on the (closed) facebook page “kitesurf zandmotor” were kitesurfers have their discussions about everything that interest a kitesurfer. These kitesurfers vary between 15 and 60 years old and all have different levels.

30 people filled in the form made on qualtrics, mostly man.

The questions were asked:

  1. How many years are you kitesurfing?
  2. How many boards did you own during this period?
  3. What are the most important facts concerning purchasing:
    • performance, quality, durability, looks, brand, service, price
  4. How do you get the information to find the best board?
    • Internet, advise of friends, testing, advise in store, brand image
  5. Are you attached to the board, why?
  6. Why did you get rid of your old board?

The following picture shows the result of the questionnaire.

market research-06

Conclusions market research:

  • The average lifecycle of the board is 1.3 year (technically the board could be used a lifetime)
  • The most important feature of the board concerning purchasing is performance.
  • Only 10 % of the kitesurfers test their board before purchasing others collect their data through friends and internet.
  • The half of the persons are really attached to the board, the main reason why they are attached to is is because the material matches their performance.
  • Overall the kitesurfer buys a new board when he improves in his skills.

These results will be taken into account when design decisions will be made concerning the preferred need ands wants of the user when choosing the right business model and design strategies.


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