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A kite board consist out of three main “parts”, analysing these parts will give some insights on what the impact of the materials and components are concerning sustainability.


Pads & Straps

The pads and straps sold by Lieuwe are imported. Different small kite brands sell the same products with different logo or colours.

Materials & Connections


The soft materials used in the footpads provide damping during hard landing. Different materials are used to offer the user the best contact with the board. These different materials are connected by glue. The pads and foot-strap are connected by 2 plastic parts which enable the user to adjust according to feat size. The pads and foot-straps are connected to the board with screws.


layer board


Each of the materials in the kite board are specially selected for optimal performance. In this combination of material expoxy has two different functions. To strengthen the material and to connect the wooden core with the protection foil.


The fins are the smallest parts of the kiteboard and connected to the kiteboard through screws.


  • A screwdriver is needed to assemble the parts of the kiteboard.
  • The glue and epoxy as connection in the different materials of the parts prevent dis- and reassembly at end of life of the product.


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