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To develop a more circular product it is important to identify the real environmental problem. In this project the main goal is to extend the product life. Therefore the focus in the analysis lies on the end of life of this product. Analysing the product itself and its components will lead to a better understanding of the material impact. It is also important to have a deeper understanding of the user to identify why they dispose their kite board and how it becomes obsolete.

In the analysis the following questions will be answered;

  • What is a kiteboard?
  • What are the components and materials of the kiteboard, and how is the board assembled?
  • Who is the user?
  • What is the context of the user?

The product and user analysis will lead to a deeper understanding of the end of life of a kiteboard and will end up in design opportunities to create a more circular kitebaord.

What is a kite board?

A kite board is used while practicing the sport kite surfing. This sport is a combination of wakeboarding, surfing and kiting. While standing on a board the user is pulled over the water by a kite.

There are different styles of kite boards:


Directional boards focussed on wave riding and twin-tip boards focussed on allround and freestyle. The twin-tip boards will be the focus in this project.

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