Introduction strategies

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The Products That Last approach to designing products with extended life is aimed at maintaining product integrity. This means keeping a product as close as possible to its original state over time and eliminating the perceived reasons for it becoming obsolete. 6 Strategies  are identified that can be applied to prevent or prostpone a products obsolescence. Trough a brainstorm session together with a professional designer different design solutions for a more circular kiteboard were found per strategy.

The following ideas were the outcome of the brainstorm session;

#1 Attachment and trust

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Performance is an important factor in kitesurfing if it comes to attachment and trust of the material. You have to be prepared to the strong forces of nature. Kitesurfing is the most fun in the strongest wind. A lot can happen in this weather circumstances so you want to be sure the material suits you to allows you for optimal and safe performance.

2 Solutions to gain more trust/attachment in the gear:


  1. Adjustable and comfortable pads: better performance is reached by close feet/board contact. To give a maximum comfort and control.
  2. Data explanation: make the technical data understandable for the leaks. Kitesurfing data is difficult to understand for people who start to kitesurf. Understanding the wind and your gear makes you more confident about your stuff and provides optimal trust in your gear. This enables a better selection of the board in the first time so you won’t have to change boards that often.

#2 Durability

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2 Solutions for more durability in the material/connection of parts in the gear:


  1. Improve quality/construction of straps: The straps of the kiteboard easily break, a new construction for the parts can be made to make sure it doesn’t break.
  2. Changeable bottom/foil: The material on the bottom of the kiteboard can be replaced, this is the most outworn material of the board. Next to this kitesurfers are very trend sensitive, buying a kiteboard because of the new looks. Replacing the foil every year will allow them to stay with their own board while only changing the graphics.


#4 Ease of Maintenence and Repair

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3 Solutions were found to make is easy to maintain the gear or repair it:

kitefix_complete_repair_kit-1 professional_kite_repair

  1. Guide to repair: Provide a guide how to repair the board by yourself. (A lot of kitesurfers are already doing this, sometimes its dangerous because they don’t know how they should do that)
  2. Repair service by company:
  3. Modularity also plays a role in this strategy. If the components are not glued together the parts can be easier assembled to be able to repair it.