#5 Upgradability and Adaptability

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2 solutions are presented for a better upgradability and adaptability in kiteboarding.

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  1. 3D printing the parts: A problem can be found in the communication between the Chinese production and the kitesurfing scene. If the materials can be produced by 3d printing and tested easily it provides faster improvements in parts.
  2. Changeable Prints: kite surfers are very trend sensitive people. The performance of the board doesn’t change a lot over time. But the people want to change gear because the new products are marketed that well. Kitesurfers want to show of with their board. Some design-agencies are already busy to come up with new technical solutions to anticipate on the users wants and needs concerning looks of the product. The shift founded by Rehab studio is one of these examples, a mockup of what would be the world’s first fully chameleonic sneakers.
  3. To be able to perform better an application can be added to the service in order to track your progression. With every step you make you will be able to review your level and learn about what gear will match at that level of performance.