Session I

Circular design strategies and design challenge (May 7th 2015)

Objective of this working session is to apply the six circular design strategies to the products in the cases and formulate a relevant design briefing or challenge. As input the students have prepared a product analysis and formulated some initial thougths on the circular design challenge.

15.30 – 15.45 Brief introduction program and participants 15 minutes Plenary
15.45 – 17.45 Diverging working session for applying  6 design strategies

  • Presentation product analysis (2x 15 min)
  • Applying strategies on both cases (6x 20 min)
120 minutes

  • 30 min
  • 120 min
Working in duos with professional designer
17.45 – 18.15 Break with snacks  30 minutes
18.15 – 19.15 Converging working session to select and define key elements of design briefing / working plan 60 minutes(2 x 30 min) Working in duos with professional designer
19.15 – 19.30 Closing and brief preview next session 15 minutes Plenary


The first part of the working session we spend on applying the six different design strategies to the products. By just asking all design questions per strategy the team is challenged to create ideas how the strategy might work for the case. This is a creative and diverging process.

  • What role can each design strategy play to realise specific design goals
  • How can strategy be applied to the product. What features are added to the product
  • What ‘non-circular’ elements of the current product are addressed
  • What additional benefit will it bring to the product concept and the user
  • For what user group / usage are these benefits relevant or are these benefits applicable for all user groups
  • Are there additional relevant design elements not covered by the design strategies and criteria


After the break we try to identify and select the key ciruclar elements per design strategy that can contribute to making the product more circular while bringing user benefits.

  • Define the exact design goal (generic and / or per design strategy)
  • How does a specific design strategy or criterion contribute to these design goals
  • What design elements will be elaborated on per strategy and what is the expected result
  • What design choices can be made at this stage (user group, material usage, bom, et ceteras)

Briefing / working plan

The design briefing / working plan will address subjects like

  • Definition of the design goal / challenge
  • Main conclusion of product analysis regarding product, user and (to a lesser extent) business. What current product elements / features are;
    • Essential to the product concept
    • Subject for redesign
  • Basic ideas for the individual design strategies
  • User group(s) targeted
  • Preconditions for design (e.g. cost price, legislative)

Briefing is guide for redesign process and for activities for next workshop

  • Product concepts / sketches for all design strategies
  • Description of role and benefit of every applied circular design elements
  • Optional; first combination of various design strategies to integral redesign concept