Session 2


During the second session the students together with the designers worked on the first ideas and business models for the different Circular Design Cases.

15.30 – 15.45 Brief introduction program and new participants Plenary 15 minutes
15.45 – 16.45 Student presentation of design challenge and outcomes in line with 6 design strategies
– Presentation (15 min)
– Feedback and elaboration (45 min)
Working with professional designer 60 minutes
16.45 – 17.05 Introduction business models (including business questions and revenue options) Plenary 20 minutes
17.05 – 17.45 First plotting of business models on all strategies Working with professional designer 40 minutes
17.45 – 18.15 Break with snacks 30 minutes
18.15 – 19.00 Applying business models to design strategies in detail and combine both Working with professional designer 45 minutes
19.00 – 19.30 Brief presentation of progress made per case and golden bullet feedback from group Plenary 30 minuten


More can be found on the page of impression including photos of the workshop and a detailed description of the learning based on the results.