Existing shelving system as structure

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Cadovius shelving with coolbox

As I stated earlier, it would be beneficial to have a refrigerator as furniture peace. Instead of building a new peace of furniture this concepts upgrades an existing shelving system (by Cadovius) to a modular refrigerator.

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The condenser coil is like a vertical radiator, easy to clean because within reach. The compressor is located on top and can be replaced when needed. There is enough space around it in case an improved design would need that.

One thought on “Existing shelving system as structure

  1. A modular refrigerator (system) which uses an existing shelving system has some great benefits as you mention above. However I believe a “stand alone” modular refrigerator system which can function independent from a specific piece of furniture is also worth looking into.
    Keep up the good work!

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