Existing shelving system as structure

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Cadovius shelving with coolbox

As I stated earlier, it would be beneficial to have a refrigerator as furniture peace. Instead of building a new peace of furniture this concepts upgrades an existing shelving system (by Cadovius) to a modular refrigerator.

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The condenser coil is like a vertical radiator, easy to clean because within reach. The compressor is located on top and can be replaced when needed. There is enough space around it in case an improved design would need that.

First Ideas

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community fridge

Community fridge
A shared fridge that provides your community with chilled food. Stock keeping can be far more efficient if arranged centrally instead of independently at home.
The first implementation could be in a commune (woongroep).

Have the food you wish for on demand. No need for a refrigerator at home because food is delivered when you need it.

First Ideas

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Consumable Lining
Replace the inside of the fridge instead of cleaning. Just pull of the thin layer and trow it in the plastic recycling bin.



Air filter
A filter that cleans the air of your fridge. One in a while you need to buy a new one.

Alternative fridge power
Power you fridge with bio-gas tanks that you need to refuel. This hybrid model could support a long lasting product while making the consumer aware of its consumption of energy.

Within these first ideas, the benefits of bringing in a consumable are mostly economic and not ecologic. Fore now I won’t dive deeper into this business model.


First Ideas

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Chilled drinks delivery & pickup service
Order chilled drinks online that stay cool thanks to active cooling layer. After use the total package is picked up and probably your new order is delivered.


Temporary cool box
Food that needs to stay cool will be delivered in a box that you can plug in at home. You use it till your next order.

Total home appliance lease kit
A lease kit for your washing machine, water cooker, refrigerator etc. Temporary products like a cool box can be accessed on demand.