1. Refrigerator Design for attachment and trust

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1.1 Attachment can be created by using classic design. Like old timer cars and retro models.

1.2 If the circular refrigerator is very comfortable to use this can increase the product attachment; food is easy accessible, clear sight at what you have. A smart system that keeps track of what should be eaten before it expires.

1.3 Enable a narrative. A meaningful interaction with the fridge door could be provoked. Attaching Pictures, recipes, reactions of friends…

8131309331_5925625e0f_b Target Emerson Dry Erase Dorm Mini Fridge


1.4 Create a product that appears to be conscious. The fridge could show which compartment needs attention; indicating that the food inside is near its ‘consume before date’. A two way mirror layer on glass compartment doors could create this effect when a bright light is lit inside.