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After the product analysis and user context research a decision can be made concerning the circular design challenge!

Because this statement couldn’t be made only based on my own (horrible) disposal behaviour when it comes to slippers..
(I throw my slippers in the bin almost every half year, I buy them new at the Bristol for 5€ and whenever I feel like replacing them I do it. I know how bad this is and that is why I wanted to design circular slippers!)
Slippers are an undervalued product that is used by most Dutch people all year round, every single day!
The online survey really shows what slipper behaviour people have and by asking around in my direct surroundings this only got confirmed.

Circular Design Challenge:
Proof 75% of people to be wrong by buying slippers over and over again, year in, year out instead of spending more on a longer lasting and probably more comfortable slipper.
Create circular awareness for even the smallest undervalued products people use in their day to day life.

Design Goal:
Improve the slippers (on product level) in a way that they get to be long lasting, but with the wishes of the consumer in the back of the mind.
Warm, comfortable, breathable and safe (anti-slip), preferably in the acceptable price range of 0-20€.

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