Disposal behaviour

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From the survey conducted is found that most people dispose their slippers because of the bad quality of the sole. 19 out of 65 applicants actually state that they would like to see an improvement in the quality of the sole, which would in reaction be the reason for them to keep them longer instead of rapid consuming.
11 people state that breathability, and 8 sweaty feet need to be fixed within the design of the slippers. When those are put together (sweaty feet is a result of non breathable slippers) it means 19 people again want their slippers to be breathable and washable, which in return would result in longer lasting slippers.

24 people dispose their slippers after having them for an average of 2 years
13 people dispose them within a year (!)
12 people keep them for over 4 years
10 people dispose them after an average of 4 years
More than half of the applicants of the survey dispose their slippers within 2 years.
This life span  be doubled at least, it needs to go up till at least 5.

Better sole (Yesss)
Breathability and washability.
Desired: life span, disposal behaviour after 5 years

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